Friday, June 8, 2007

Tip of the Moonth: Your Spatio-Temporal Path through the Universe

If neither Google calendar, nor regularly occurring events such as 'the weekend' (as it used to be known), nor the seasons give you a sense of how you are moving through the 4th dimension (and the other 3+n dimensions along the way!), then try this one: Keep an eye on the night sky!

Being a dad gives you the convenient excuse to buy stuff you always wanted to buy and pretend you're buying it for your kids ;-) In my case, a beginner's telescope. Once you've got that, you find yourself looking at the sky more often. And then you will notice the Earth's companion's phases which in turn will often make you realize how time flies, or rather how you fly through spacetime, with it (i.e., with the moon).

This can then serve you as a celestial reminder (in case you've lost your DSL connection and thus your Google calendar...) to not postpone whatever it is that you need to do until the rarely occurring Blue Moon.


PS Apropos 'Time flies'. I used to take pleasure in language games such 'Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like banana.' Or 'Time flies? We cannot!'. I guess I still do ... (take pleasures in language games -- still can't time those agilent flies...)

Good old Wittgenstein has more profound things to say (it seems) about language games (see also here and here; the latter if you know how to play the game in German ;-)

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