Saturday, April 12, 2008

Phylomemetic Analysis of Cell Phones!?

Is this memes gone wild or what? Certainly the English language is evolving and devolving as is evident from these articles.

Visualizing the Phylomemetic Tree: Innovation as Evolutionary Process

Abstract. The Innovation of Artifacts is somewhat can be seen as a process of evolution. The paper presents an endeavor to view the evolution of artifact by using evolutionary concept of memetics. We showed the ways to build a phlyomemetic tree based on memes constituting an artifact to infer or estimate the evolutionary history and relationship between artifacts. UPGMA algorithm and the Shortest Tree Method using Minimum Spanning Tree (MST) techniques are presented to construct the phylomemetic tree of innovation. To show an implementation, we use innovation of cellphone as an example.
Keywords: artifact, innovation, evolution, memetic, phylomemetic tree

Innovation as Evolution: Case Study: Phylomemetic of Cellphone Designs
Abstract: Cellular phone is one of the most developing technological artifacts today. The evolution occurs through random innovation. Our effort is trying to view the evolution of this artifact from memetics. By constructing a phylomemetic tree based on cellular phone memes to infer or estimate the evolutionary history and relationship among cellular phone. We adopt several methods, which are commonly used in constructing phylogenetic tree, they are UPGMA algorithm and Parsimony Maximum algorithm to construct cellphone phylomemetic tree. Therefore we compare with the innovation tree, which is based on serial number and their appearance time. From phylomemetic tree, we then analyze the process of a cellular phone innovation through looking out on the cellular phone type lies in the same cluster. The comparison of the simulation tree result shows a generally different branching pattern, giving a presumption that innovation in cellular phone is not really relating with their serial number, but occurs merely because of random mutation of allomeme design and competes with its technological development.

What can I say... Curiouser and Curiouser...

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