Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Emergence of Meaning

It has long been known that marketing say for cigarettes, soft-drinks, cars, whatever, works well when the focus is not on the product (carcinogenous tobacco, colored sugar-water, etc.) but on the image evoked by the brand (freedom, coolness, success, ...)
After munching a not-so-good Kinder-Pingui snack ("Kinder" = German for "Kids"; not to be confused with 'kind' as in 'being kind'), I realized that the marketeers behind Kinderschokolade had a really smart idea when linking in the consumers' minds kids, milk, chocolate with their various products. Of course there is nothing healthy (or not much milky for that matter) in those Kinder-products.

This seems to me another instance showing how gullible and easily manipulated we are as a species. Or rather how much we are interested in ideas (healthy milk snack) and not the boring reductionist view (oversugared, overprocessed junk food). Didn't someone say it's all about perception? And emergence? Isn't the meaning of kinderSchokolade mostly in the eye/mind of the beholder? I do like the idea of the healthy milk snack much more than the yucky feeling in my stomach now... make believe and wishful thinking reign supreme...

PS Just saw that Lying commercials make you happy! (in German) -- I knew it!! And the "extra milk" in kinderSchokolade is really just extra sugar and fat... Mahlzeit!

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