Sunday, September 7, 2008

Questions and Answers

Saturday, 9/6/2008

Yesterday,  before a meeting at work, we were pondering a difficult question:
Why do men have nipples? (After all, they don't need them, right??)

My 6-year old had asked this question a few days ago, so I thought I'd ask someone who knows.
Turns out, nobody in the room had a good answer (or wasn't volunteering one).
Unfortunately,  I can't repeat my boy's attempt at an explanation ;-)
So I looked a bit and found something on the web. Here's a short answer:
This one I found a bit more satisfying:

I've been intrigued by simple questions that many people (often myself included) cannot answer.
For example, why is it colder in the mountains than at lower altitudes?
Yeah, something with air-pressure .. but what exactly??
Or what came first: the chicken or the egg?

What a coincidence that just today I would listen to this talk:

He has some further simple questions, but of a different kind: These are questions that we think we know how to answer, but are often wrong.
(Well, we know from recent elections and not so recent ones, that a (near) majority of people voting for a guy, doesn't imply the voters are right in their attempt to find the best choice...)

The same TED podcast session I watched today also had this interesting talk:
About 10 min into it, you'll see a photo of Deckard from "Blade Runner".
Another strange coincidence: I just watched Blade Runner yesterday!

When watching Blade Runner, even for the first time, it becomes clear that Rachel is a replicant.
What is much less clear is that Deckard might be one, too.
This never occurred to me (or the Deckard in the movie I guess), until much later.
And even more recently, I realized another level of interpretation and explanation.

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